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Street To Nowhere Fans! [entries|friends|calendar]
Street to Nowhere Fans!

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Myspace bulletin. :) [23 Jun 2008|03:14am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

" The album is done!
...Well, pretty much.

I'm going to go back to Oakland, listen to it incessantly for a couple weeks, come back down to LA and make a few final changes next month!

I am exhausted!

It sounds fucking amazing to me!

Just the sort of record I wanted to make!

Something I'll be proud of for a long long time!

I CANNOT WAIT for you to hear it!

I'll let you know when it is done for good, when it will be released (probably early next year...), when I'll be back on tour, and all that good stuff soon as I can...

all my very very best,


So. Excited. :)

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stn updates [20 Jan 2008|06:31pm]

In case you haven't heard- STN is no longer with Capitol. I believe they were eventually let go during the company's merger shuffle.

The music is continuing however, Dave will begin recording new stuff soon.

Also, Bryce is no longer in the band. Don't ask me why though, cause I really couldn't say.
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[17 Aug 2007|12:54am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Wow this community is kinda dead... :'(

Soooo who else is going to the Bottom of the Hill show on the 25th?

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bfd [31 May 2007|09:02am]

[ mood | excited ]

who is excited?

stn, audrye sessions, poor bailey and minipop. it's like a baygasm.

i'm traveling seven hours just to go to this (two days before finals, hah) and i don't even have a place to stay.

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Underneath The Flood [30 Apr 2007|07:48pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

The new demo kicks ass, yes? yes.
hmm...Does anyone have an mp3 of Famous Blue Raincoat? I have the video on my myspace page but I'd love to have audio...

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STN on KSCR radio [16 Apr 2007|03:27pm]


They've been touring nonstop since the start of the year and before playing the Troubadour on Tuesday with Rocky Votolato and Drag the River, they're stopping by Studio A to chat it up, play an acoustic set, and play a few of their picks.

You can IM in the studio if you wanna ask a question or just holler. Screen name: KSCR live

click the flier for their 'space.
Otherwise, check out kscr.org or KSCR on myspace

Better yet, CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW!</font></td>
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you can't recreate the sound of home... [15 Apr 2007|09:41am]


chain reactionCollapse )

AIGHT. My photobucket account wasn't working last night. Street to Nowhere played at Chain Reaction, which was previously mentioned.

Um, we got boxcars, georgia, dead cliche, chelsea hotel, waste my life, tipsy, they're not like us, screaming, and you can't go to sleep....I think....that's not in order, at all.

It's really awesome to see how much their fan base has grown since the last time I saw them at chain (I couldn't make it out last week, so that was in October, I believe). It's good times though. Anyways, I love them. The end. I should be able to make it out again tonight, but I can promise you the photos won't turn out :)
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Pictures/Videos from 4/14/07 Anahiem California [15 Apr 2007|01:58am]

Great show. Dave said they'll be touring with the Junior Varsity after this, so be on the lookout for them in June. :)

Just a few pics/vidsCollapse )
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anaheim [05 Apr 2007|10:44am]

[ mood | complete ]

It was their last show with Piebald, so some special things were Travis joining them for "They're Not Like Us" and an extra ten minutes to their set.


(Chelsea Hotel No. 2)
Leave the Cameras On
Boxcars x3
You Can't Go to Sleep
They're Not Like Us
Waste My Life For You

Read more...Collapse )

It's pretty funny to think that I'll be seeing them again one week hence.

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Detroit gig [24 Mar 2007|02:54pm]

I went to the Detroit gig on the 22nd. The show was great, although I'm a little disappointed that it was so short. I can't really remember the order and all the songs, but they played Screaming, Dead Cliche, Georgia can you hear me? (upon request), Tipsy (also requested), a cover song that I can't remember the name of, Waste my life for you. I think that might have been it, but they may have play another song or two. I had a great time, although the start was a bit nerve wracking--a bum came up to us and whipped out a knife on us, we couldn't be more relieved when the doors finally opened! MC Chris was....well, interesting is one way to put it. And Piebald put on a nice show. I took a few low-quality pictures as well as a video, but I was soooo close (I could literally touch Dave if I wanted to), I didn't take many pictures, or ones with a flash since I didn't want to blind any of them.

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sorry this took so long... [04 Mar 2007|05:43pm]


EpicentreCollapse )

I was asked to talk about this show, but so much has happened since then...I don't really know what to say. I had fun, and I really wish they would play "leave the cameras on"....

That's all. Enjoy.
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Street to Nowhere feature!!! [01 Mar 2007|02:27pm]

Hey all,

Check out the STN feature on THE OWL MAG.

CLICK THIS LINK to get to the article directly.

Any and all feedback is appreciated. (As I wrote it)

Random note: The interview was held on Valentine's Day. The part of me that crushes on Dave was dying of happiness to be spending it with him. haha

And also spread the article like wildfire! There isn't much coverage of Street to Nowhere out there, so this is probably the most exclusive article out right now.

I also wrote a live review of their set in SF back in December. You can find that HERE

And while I'm at it, here are some live pics I didn't use behind this cutCollapse )
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[28 Feb 2007|10:25am]

Hey everyone.
I'll have pictures soon, but I woke up late for work...
so um....

here's a picture of Will being taller than my sister, Julie:

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Well Welll Welll [27 Feb 2007|09:01am]

[ mood | amused ]

It's been awhile, but I'm pretty excited to be seeing STN in SF on Friday.
Anyone else on here going to that show? Maybe? Maybe not? Maybe Maybe?

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Chi-town 3/24 [26 Feb 2007|01:34pm]

Hey all,

I'm planning on going to the show in Chicago on March 24th, and I was wondering if anyone else will be there. I'm looking for a place to crash that night after the show, so I thought I'd see if any of you lovely folks would want to let me sleep on your floor for a night.

Any takers?
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tour [10 Jan 2007|06:57pm]

okay I was looking at my email today that tells me of up in coming concerts and Street to Nowhere was listed playing withRocky Voltolato. Dates are up on his myspace
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Dave and Will on Live 105 [17 Dec 2006|08:43am]

Hey hey,

For all of you who missed the interview with Dave (and...kinda Will...he said all of two words: "Hey" and "undulating") on Live 105, I recorded Dave playing "They're Not Like Us" acoustic, so if anyone wants it...just IM me at bicoastalbrat.

And just because this community is pretty dead right now...what's everyone asking for for Xmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice/whatever you celebrate?
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And again... [07 Dec 2006|03:37pm]

Philly Show SummaryCollapse )
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Here come the pictures... [07 Dec 2006|03:21pm]

NYC Show SummaryCollapse )
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Show Updates Coming Within the Next Few Days... [06 Dec 2006|10:59pm]

I was at NYC and Philly. Two AMAZING shows. Especially Philly. Dave played Underneath the Flood for me. I have pictures and video of course...I will post it all as soon as I can. Right now I'm running on like no sleep, so that's why it can't be done now. Sorry that this is the most pointless post ever. I just miss those boys like crazy right now.

End of story.

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